Diwali Special : The real ravan..!

​Diwali the festival of celebrating defeat of evil..!

Was he evil though??

Here’s a version that might put things into a different perspective..!

1.)Ravan was born to a great sage, Vishrava and his wife, the daitya princess Kaikesi.

2.)Ravan, a devotee of Lord Shiva, is depicted and described as a great scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of the Veena. His ten heads represent his knowledge of the six Shastra and the four Vedas.

3.)Ravan wanted to please the tridev by performing penance and gain ultimate power.

4.) He started with performing penance to please Lord Shiva but despite of all efforts Lord Shiva did not pay any heed as he was aware of Ravan’s intentions.

He then tried to dislodge Mount Kailash on which Lord Shiva was meditating, Shiva pressed the mountain with his toe crushing Ravan’s forearms. As Ravan let out blood-curling screams in agony, he came to be known as Ravan (one who screams). It was then that Ravan became one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva, and composed the Shiva Tandava Stotram.

5.) Lord Shiva then gave him a chandrahas a sword like no other and parvati gave him a boon that no enemy would be able to kill him without her permission.

6.) After ultimate penance Ravan acquired a boon from Lord Brahma by beseeching that no god, demon, kinnar or gandharva could ever kill him. He thought human beings did not possess enough power to kill him.

7.) Ravan now wanted to please Lord Vishnu and earn a boon. But despite of performing penance for many years Lord Vishnu did not pay him a visit as this would mean Ravana would become invincible. He was then advised by Narad muni that he should start doing adharma as Lord Vishnu was bound to appear on earth and then he could then meet him.

8.) Ravan started doing adharma and defeating all the Devas and rulers on the entire planet. He conquered trilok on this quest of finding Lord Vishnu.

9.)According to a version of Ramayana, sita was Ravan’s daughter.Ravan was overjoyed when he saw his beautiful baby girl. Amidst these celebrations, the royal priest predicted complete destruction to the entire land of Lanka, if the baby continued to live.

10.)It was decided that the baby was to be placed in a well-decorated box and be thrown into the sea. When this was done, the water level rose and box was engulfed. 

10.)One fine day in Mithila city, King Janak was ploughing the field for an auspicious function. The shovel suddenly hit something hard it looked like a box. He had found Ravan’s beautiful baby girl. Janak was childless and the baby looked like a blessing from heaven. He named her ‘Sita’.

11.)Ravan was relieved that his daughter had survived and at the same time overjoyed that she was still a princess. Ravan’s.

12.) Ravan went to her swayamvar not to win her but secretly bless sita and her to be groom.

13.) His happiness quadrupled when his daughter was married to Ram of Ayodhya (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

12.)All was fine until Ram was sent on exile to the forests for 14 years.Ravan could not bear the thought of Sita suffering in the forests.

13.)He endeavored to get Sita back to Lanka and put an end to her misery. All the people of Lanka thought it was Ravan’s way of claiming vengeance on Ram and his brother Lakshman, for having cut off the nose of his sister Surpanakha.

14.)Even Mandodari, his wife did not understand him. She remembered him murmuring the name ‘Sita’ in his dreams and thought Sita was the love of his life. 

15.) It was Ravan, a Brahmin, who performed the rites of a purohit, when Lord Rama constructed the Rama Sethu to lead his monkey brigade to attack Lanka. Also he allowed sita to sit in the havan with Ram as without her the havan would not have been fruitful.

16.)Ram declared war on Lanka. Vibhishan, Ravan’s younger brother unaware of his intentions, joined the army of Ram. Ravan sent his son’s and brother’s into the war but all were killed. 

17.)Ravan had his reasons for not waving the white flag and accepting defeat. Firstly, it was his immense love and affection towards Sita. He just could not send her back to the forest to suffer. Secondly, he knew Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself and death at his hands would give him salvation. He fought his last battle valiantly and lost his life to Ram. Ravan did receive his salvation, but in the process Lanka was destroyed. The words of the priest did come true. Sita did bring destruction to Lanka.

18.) Ravan was a great practitioner of statecraft. When Lord Rama killed Ravan, who was on his last breath, Rama instructed his brother Lakshmana to go to Ravan and learn the art of statecraft and diplomacy from the dying demon king.

19.) In the end Ravan was the only mortal to have acquired boon from the tridev as even Lord Vishnu appeared Infront of him in his eternal form and granted him a boon of salvation.
Was he not the greatest mortal ever to live on this realm??

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